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CID Consulting’s award-winning community development programs strengthen communities by creating linkages between public and private organizations. Our solutions help communities capitalize on their strengths and facilitate their integration into the formal economy.




In order to be effective and sustainable, projects require a vision for a better community as well as experience in the sector. Our team is passionate about development and trained to provide strategies for sustainability. Our diverse experience means that we deal with projects on a case-by-case basis; a methodology that allows us to examine each project holistically, yet always in context.


Our Community Development department has worked on projects that encourage social entrepreneurship in both individuals and organizations. We also work closely with NGOs, enabling them to effectively assess and remedy obstacles to development. CID’s community development team has worked under the leadership of Dr. Laila Iskandar until she was appointed as Egypt's Minister of State for Environmental Affairs in June 2013.


Our experience over the past 15 years spans the areas of environment, solid waste management/ recycling, education, gender-based empowerment, capacity-building of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), income-generation for persons employed in the informal sector, and working children.






  •  Developing and supporting community-based recycling schemes

  • National waste management strategy across MENA

  • Promoting development in the informal and semi-formal sectors





  • Designing formal and non-formal educational curricula

  • Teacher training

  • Developing and facilitating adult education programs

  • Evaluating and monitoring of formal and non-formal education programs

  • Advising international agencies on educational programs




  • Capacity-building of NGOs
  • Conducting training needs’ assessments
  • Designing training materials for NGOs






  • Designing learning and earning schemes for youth in the informal sector

  • Gender-based empowerment

  • Organizing and training income-generating projects for women and men

  • Designing non-formal learning projects for working children

  • Consulting on educational solutions for working children

  • Organizing communities to design, produce and market traditional crafts




Our community development team is uniquely qualified to provide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory Services. We combine extensive hands-on experience with networks in the private, public and civil society organizations to offer our clients insights on sustainability. Our portfolio reflects solutions that have become deeply engrained and that have improved life for communities and institutions across MENA.











View or download the UNDP Business Solutions for Human Development Report, Egypt 2007

Director and lead author CID Chairperson Dr. Laila Iskander


UNDP Business Solutions for Human Development Report 2007, Egypt
Recipient, “Egyptian Social Entrepreneur of the Year,” Schwab Foundation, 2006
CID Team

"I would like to congratulate and thank you so much for the excellent presentation and facilitation of the discussions as well as your great support to the organization of the launching event last Monday. We received extremely good feedback about the meeting and we believe that this success would have never been achieved without your hard and excellent work and contributions.


Many thanks and looking forwards to further our collaborative efforts to promote children rights in Egypt."


Alaa Sebeh
Save the Children UK